Emanuel Navarrete vs Oscar Valdez Boxing Breakdown: Beautiful Chaos

Emmanuel’s Junior Lightweight Championship Fight Navarrete vs Oscar Valdez is highly anticipated to be a bout that boxing fans have never expected. him to make a difficult but clear decision.

Emanuel Navarrete lands on Oscar Valdez during title race
Imago | Hogan Photo | Tom Hogan

Let’s make it clear before we begin. Because this is a technical detail: you’ll never do that. teach What Navarrete did, he made a lot of technical mistakes. The footwork, the defensive line, even the way he throws multiple punches. which he seems to have outstanding use of.

For someone with respectable technique and great concentration like Valdez. Do you think there is a path to find? And since stepping onto the world stage in 2018, Navarrete has proven impossible to gain an edge. It’s not a coincidence either. He was just proposing a problem that the opponent could not always solve.

How did he do it? let’s see

Check out our round-by-round coverage of the fight here.

Breakdown: How Emanuel Navarrete Defeated Oscar Valdez

The answer is not easy. but can be easily summarized That’s his attack, Navarrete has a truly extraordinary arsenal at his disposal. He can throw and land from anywhere. Whether it’s at a distance, at close range, whether it’s unbalanced or not. They have strong punches and overtones as well. Even though he didn’t seem to be exerting that much. and they come in large quantities. He gave Valdez over a thousand punches. and enjoyed a mixed throw-in.

like this

His size helps even in the fourth division He was noticeably bigger than Valdez. The length advantage, in particular, comes in handy. Because he can throw some bullets long before his opponent reacts normally. but other than that He has a variety of tools that no other opponent has yet. Since he broke through on a global scale, was able to deal with it while maintaining a sustained attack.

That last part is pretty much the main feature: his attacks are his defense There was never a fighter who lived strong according to the old adage. It’s not just a case of throwing everything and hoping to shock his opponent either. He picks shots well even when throwing hundreds of shots.

At distance, he has a very messy jab. where his height gives him an advantage Not just in a way that obviously the reach advantage will make it easier to jab. He also had a habit of bringing it back slowly. let it obstruct the opponent’s path

That is always a dangerous game because it can be thrown to the top. But usually Valdez is too far away to have the advantage. He had to duck under the jab to get close before the punch was over. And that was too risky because Navarrete’s other ranged punches were laughable. It was almost Naseem Hamed’s uppercut punch, too dangerous to dive into.

between these two tools Valdez does his job by cutting off the closure distance enough to be practical. He tried to thrust in as you’d expect, but Navarrete was focused on countering an early jab and the volume of that punch dropped heavily after four rounds. That got him in trouble as Valdez’s jab was really good and was often a key tool for him. Especially in his most recent bout under Eddie Reynoso, where he really polished his tactical and defensive game.

Several times throughout the fight, although he will try to get close And the champion’s response is to let him fire a few shots. Then choose a counter shot to find the remaining space. Valdez’s defense, though, was tight and completely reliable. But he was unable to block the attack. and attack.

And even at times when he hides, let Navarrete leave first and try to counterattack. He would often find that after a few defenses, The champion’s long limbs will begin working around the edges. The end result in both cases was that it wasn’t safe for Valdez to be around. Even if that was the distance he needed to stay.

You can see things coming together for Navarrete here, finding space after Valdez throws to thwart his attack before pushing him back with a split-guard uppercut.

That meant that Valdez ultimately picked one shot and hoped to do enough damage to end the fight. and once he could close do Having accepted the exchange he curled up in his guard in such a way that it let him chop off his right hand. often at the end of a fight He tried to use a big right hook.

The problem is, though, that Navarrete has balances all over the store. but he seems to have at best Nice chin, Valdez managed to give him a buzz once or twice. but to do so He had to work so hard to hit the ball that he lost his balance. and by the time he straightened up Navaret is safe.

Oscar Valdez threw a left hook at Emanuel Navarrete during his fight for the title.
Imago/Hoganphotos/Tom Hogan

You can see how difficult Valdez finds it to follow the right hook from this position.

It’s a similar story with body shots. Valdez had some success with them. and sometimes focusing on them By obviously trying to weaken the opponent’s strength. Because he can’t trade at close range. And because of Navarrete’s long, long arms, it was difficult to evade his guard once it was in place. He had to throw it farther than you expected.

What he found himself doing was advancing to one side of Navarrete, a logical tactic. Because of Navarrete’s formidable use of his feet, he was at risk of being turned. Then nearly strafed across and shot the torso as he walked past him. before safely returning to the other side. But due to the nature of the movement Valdez had to reset himself before he could catch up. So even the shots that Navarrete felt were still difficult to follow before he recovered.

The final story of the battle is Valdez – smart, smooth and a lot A Focused Fighter- Adjusts often and finds a way to pull himself back in every time he appears. But he could only keep the tactic going for no more than a few minutes before Navarrete found a punch block to deal with it. Although he can use superior footwork to keep him out of balance, the shots that Navarrete can throw while he recovers still do damage.

There were times where Valdez would default to just popping and moving in range. But even then, after a few moments of chasing, the champion calms down and lowers himself to a sufficient amount to earn points on the board without harming himself.

Final note: Trauma, Valdez’s right eye became swollen early on. and completely closed at the end Navaret often hits the left hook. His face was basically messed up. In contrast to unmarked champions. That doesn’t tell the whole story, as Navarrete ate a lot of ammunition all by himself. But being able to deal damage is a pretty good advantage.

Oscar Valdez after the fight, right eye blindfolded.
Imago/Hoganphotos/Tom Hogan

Valdez’s face showed the damage he had taken in battle.

on the other hand Navarrete suffered an obvious hand injury mid-round. And completely stopped throwing in the 9th round and…started throwing it again. That’s pretty unusual. The boxer apparently fought with his injured hand all the time. But usually when it comes to the stage that I don’t throw in it Most of the remaining fights will pay a fee. And they had to fix it and use that hand purely for protection.

Navarrete tried that in the ninth round and it didn’t work. He gritted his teeth and started working again. Not just strategic But it also includes throwing a full leather ball with both hands. That shows his tenacity and determination that only adds to the problems his opponent faces in breaking him down. Valdez is used to his determination and grit for leading him through battles (2018’s jaw-breaking fight with Scott Quickg, for example), but he finds his match in that respect. this

Both fighters threw down until the end of the final round.

All in all, both fighters demonstrated great grit and spirit, something that Navarrete showed. You don’t have to be technical to be smart. Because that might be his biggest advantage. His opponent thinks that because he made a lot of mistakes. So he must be easily fooled. Because he only has one true game plan. Of course, it must be possible to separate him from the plan and make him uncomfortable. And when they tried they found that he was adjusting. then throwing and lots of of fleas

don’t misunderstand As long as he faces challenges A fighter like him would eventually lose. He will eventually reach his limit. But it would be fun to see him find it.

What’s next for Emanuel Navarrete and Oscar Valdez?

before anything else get enough rest Both of them needed to recover after a war like that.

After that, the competition will be an interesting offer. Of course Valdez wanted it. And Navarrete said he would leave it up to the fans. which will surely be satisfied with this idea Boxing can be done with great modern multi-fight bouts. So it is hoped that they will be able to show us like this again.

Moreover, for Navarrete, there is a lot to do with old boxing politics. It’s a very exciting division with multiple champions. Therefore, unification is desirable. Even if among those Joe Cordina fought on a competitor’s network – it probably could. But it’s hard to do. O’Shaquie Foster isn’t tied to any broadcasters. But there is a payment due So that must happen first. Hector Garcia hasn’t fought since jumping weightlifting and losing to Gervonta Davis in January. So whether he will return to play in this division is a question.

Aside from that, there are other good options. Former two-time title challenger Shavkatzdon Rakhimov will be a great opponent. Robson Conceicao and Kenichi Ogawa, another former title challenger and title holder respectively, are welcome once again to the Sherry. There are several ways Navarrete could go.

Valdez also wants to shoot at the other belts. With an experienced and recognizable name He would be an attractive opponent for many, who say that at 32 and after several wars He had to choose his path carefully. That doesn’t mean he’s in that territory. ‘He should retire,’ but at this point he must pick a fight to secure his legacy. Whether it’s fighting for the money that keeps him safe when he retires. Or an opponent who allows him to wear a memorable classic, it’s up to him. He might still have a little time for both. and in this division He shouldn’t be late.

Hopefully he can deliver more classics at this level as he goes.

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