“Don’t Beg Man” – Homeless fighter’s heartfelt plea to Dana White and Co. for a $50,000 bonus causes an uproar among fans at UFC Vegas 78.

In the heart-pounding world of mixed martial arts, every victory has its own weight. But fighters seek it not just for glory. As the dust settled on UFC Vegas 78, a spectacle that left audiences on their seats. One fighter’s request for a $50,000 bonus sparked a wider conversation. Isaac Dulgarian’s outstanding first victory left an indelible mark on not only the octagon. But it also showcases the financial challenges faced by many fighters in their pursuit of greatness. In a sport where sacrifice and dedication are undeniable. The question arises: do fighters really get the recognition and awards they deserve?

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Fans react when Isaac Dulgarian asks for bonuses from UFC

Issac Dulgarian made his UFC debut as every rookie would expect – with a win. Fans loved his KO/KTO win over Francis Marshall at UFC Vegas 78. However, no one was prepared for what came next. The fight When Dulgarian requested a life-changing $50000 bonus to Dana White & co, the action took the MMA community by surprise. Now, fans have commented mostly in support of Issac’s stance. Some of the comments read:


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  • It’s sad that professional fighters have to ask for money.
  • Good thing Hasbulla earns a million while the fighter can’t buy a house.
  • Dana used to gamble with one hand.
  • Dana White & Cheap UFC
  • Dana loses a lot of value to coke in the rug.
  • Damn, if you can, hope you can. But don’t beg!!
  • Dana will reduce his wages in the next fight for this.Sat.

The behavior of netizens in response to this story was clear. Fans expressed their disappointment and pity for the fighters who had to beg for money after they sacrificed their blood and sweat for their matches. Doubts about the decision by UFC executives are clear, as fans question funding allocations and emphasize the need to prioritize fighter bonuses. The general view is that the UFC should be more open-minded. Especially when the fighters showed extraordinary dedication. The sarcastic tone underscores the criticism of extravagant spending compared to fighters’ pay. Concerns arose about the impact on Dulgarian’s next fight salary, highlighting concerns about fighters demanding a fair reward.


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The story behind the petition:

Isaac Dulgarian’s UFC Vegas 78 petition mixes personal aspirations with a fighter’s financial struggles. Reflecting his heartfelt concern, Dulgarian’s victory was not merely a victory within the octagon. It symbolizes the pinnacle of relentless cultivation, sacrifice, and the relentless pursuit of greatness. After paving the way through an outstanding debut Dulgarian’s request for a bonus was born out of a desire to change his lifestyle. Driven by a desire to go beyond living in an RV outside of the Denver factory and fulfilling dreams of becoming a father.

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As UFC Vegas 78 fades into history, Isaac Dulgarian’s pleas resonate in the hearts of fans, fighters and supporters. The intense reaction from fans highlighted the broader issue of fighter compensation within the UFC. Amid the delight of MMA fans, a debate over fighter compensation has ignited. It raised the debate about equal pay for their amazing cage performances. As the world of MMA moves forward, Isaac Dulgarian’s story serves as a reminder of the fighter’s dedication and sacrifice. And why do sports stakeholders need to consider the compensation structures that shape their careers?

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