Did Francis Ngannou dump Teddy Atlas for Mike Tyson?

Former UFC Champion Francis Ngannou has finally fulfilled his wish for the ultimate boxing bout. “The Predator” will face WBC Champion Tyson Fury on Oct. 28 in a ten-round professional bout.

May 15, 2023 Los Angeles, Calif. Los Angeles, Calif., USA: Los Angeles, Calif. May 16: Francis Ngannou Behind the Scenes Professional Fighters League Fitness Promotion Video - Working Out. Francis Ngannou's body at the Unbreakable Performance Center on May 15, 2023 in Los Angeles, California Los Angeles, California, USA - ZUMap175 20230515_zsa_p175_036 Copyright: xLouisxGrassex
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From the end, Ngannou was training seriously and even used the services of Mike Tyson, who agreed to help out and be cornered. But it seems that the deal that was just made has caused the famous trainer to be upset.

Teddy Atlas reveals training offerings from the Francis Ngannou team.

In the latest episode of his YouTube show, Atlas revealed a training offer from the Ngannou team along with the terms of the deal.

“Full disclosure. I don’t always talk about things that haven’t happened yet, but Ngannou’s men asked me about the possibility of training him,” Atlas recalls.

“Of course I just don’t train anyone. Even if it’s a pile of oil money in the sand Score if you want I’m not an Arahant with this. or be a monk with this But I wouldn’t train anyone unless I wanted to be around them. I think they are good people. I think I can train. And I think I can help them. I just don’t go.

October 28, 2015 Indio, CA, USA. Two-Division World Champion TIMOTHY Desert Storm BRADLEY JR. and his new trainer TEDDY ATLAS hosted their first-ever Media Workout today at the Tim Bradley Boxing Gym in Indio, California. of Palm Springs  California is 10 days away from defending the World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight title, former world champion BRANDON Bam Bam RIOS of Oxnard, Calif. Coincidentally, both Bradley and Rios fought in Fights of the Year in 2013 and 2012. respectively. The two will fight on Nov. 7 in Las Vegas at Thomas & Mac .Photo by TIMOTHY Desert Storm BRADLEY MEDIA DAY WORK OUT - ZUMAbl1_.
Atlas trains two-weight world champion Timothy Bradley in 2015 (Imago | Zuma).

“You know my way. I’ll spend a few days with you. that’s the deal It will be a trial period. And I won’t say yes or no until I go through the probationary period and see if I want to work with you.”

Atlas described members of Francis Ngannou’s team as ‘nice people’ but later admitted to being devastated after discovering the sudden turn of events.

Atlas disappointed with Francis Ngannou’s offer to Tyson

According to Atlas, he only learned about the change through his son who sent him a news article about it.

“I didn’t look at the internet content, but the next day my son sent me one. Announcing that they’re having Mike Tyson train him,” Atlas said, “God bless you. at least

“And look, Tyson is a great fighter. And Yong Nuo fell in love with him. He was obsessed with Tyson. He wanted me to show off the Tyson uppercut, which I did.

“I treat him like a gentleman. But you made a deal with Tyson and asked me to go to Vegas for a trial… Why didn’t you tell me in advance? Just not feeling well.”

Atlas wants Francis Ngannou to be ‘ahead’

While Atlas said he didn’t take the issue into account. But what he wanted was for Francis Ngannou’s team to be straight with him.

“I’m not crying. But I guess what I’m saying is Can’t we be better people?” he said. “I know money is money and it matters. But treating people is important, isn’t it? Keeping your word is important, isn’t it?

“Again, they are good people. But when you are tempted by these things Isn’t that the most important time for you to show those traits? With only decency, honesty, just straightforwardness.”

Atlas felt bad about flying to Vegas during a “trial” while Ngannou already had Tyson on board.

“Don’t ask me about going to trial when you know you’ve made a deal with someone. I feel like you’re taking me out to pick my brain. knowing that you’re going the other way which is your prerogative but keep your eyes open.”

Ngannou and Fury’s latest career progresses.

The 35-year-old Fury (33-0-1), who has played since 2018, has returned nearly three years from the sidelines. He was last seen in action in December when he scored a tenth-round TKO win over Derek Chisora ​​to secure the WBC title.

Meanwhile, Francis Ngannou hasn’t seen a fight since UFC 270 at the start of 2022 against Ciryl Gane, his first and only title defense as a heavyweight champion. The 36-year-old Cameroonian has a 17-3 pro record.

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