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by Sam Woltz: Stephen Edwards believes Deontay’s wild and crazy methods Wilder in combat gives him an edge over Anthony Joshua.

Edwards felt that Joshua had been negatively impacted by something that had happened to him since his fight with Wladimir Klitschko and that the remnants of it left AJ thinking too much in the ring, enraging him.

On the other hand, Edwards noted that Wilder was unaffected by his defeat. “barbaric” Undeterred by the memory of his failures the way Joshua had. In other words, Wilder is better suited to fight than Joshua.

If AJ was in the military, he would be better suited to being a backline officer. safe from danger Don’t worry about bullets exploding, as Wilder is the frontline soldier. Lead a platoon or squad in an attack.

Wilder is crazy in a good way.

“At one time, I thought Anthony Joshua was heading to the Hall of Fame. I was really impressed with his punch selection and everything he did. It’s all about him,” Stephen Edwards told Fighthype.

“In punching Klitschko, He held that huge right hand. and came back and won the fight with a stop. I really don’t know what happened. I don’t think it’s physical. But Deontay is crazy.”

One could argue that a Klitschko fight looked like a turning point in Joshua’s career. Prior to that fight, Joshua was walking through his opponents with combinations and quickly blasting them away.

But after a fight with Vladimir where AJ hits the rooftop and easily ends. He changed his state of mind and became too shy and cautious.

You can understand why Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn rushed to pair him with Wilder & Tyson Fury.

Hearn can clearly see the mental decline that has befallen the 33-year-old Joshua after just ten years in the pro position. And he knew he had a few fights left in him.

He even admitted that the old Joshua would not return. and the prudent present, who will take his place permanently here. It’s almost like a soldier with PTSD, better suited to frontline combat. Need help and constant follow-up

“He’s crazy in a good way, he just follows. [his opponents]The fact that he is eliminated or lost has no effect on him. It doesn’t bother him,” Edward said of Wilder. “He was not shy at all. He was not at all cautious.”

The Wilder is built for combat and is the perfect original soldier for any other war. Type Audie Murphythat flourishes in battle

“I think Anthony is a talented fighter. But I think he’s very thoughtful,” Edwards said.He always thinks and that comes back to bite you.who came back as a fighter I just don’t know if he’s mentally prepared for a fight like that with a savage like Deontay, because Deontay is a savage.”

Joshua is paralyzed by fear and unable to move forward unless he is sure there is no risk that he will be retaliated against by his opponent.

In AJ’s final fight against 39-year-old Robert Helenius, we saw that he didn’t throw his right punch with confidence until his opponent had exhausted himself and stopped fighting.

Joshua looked so scared that he couldn’t let go because he was worried about what would come back to him.

Joshua has too many remnants of what happened to him in his career. and he cannot forget Unlike Wilder, Joshua is indifferent to his experience in the ring. And he became just the shell of a fighter he used to be.

“This press, they don’t like how we see him because he’s limited in certain things. And they try to talk about his limitations,” says Stephen. It’s not something he can’t do,” Edwards said.

Deontay = barbaric

“No, he’s not a great boxer, no, he doesn’t have a good left hand,” Edwards said. “He doesn’t have much. But his right hand has all the speed, speed and athleticism. How mean is he? How competitive are you? And how much heart does he have? it made him become A very formidable fighter.”

With the power that Wilder has in his right hand He doesn’t have to be a great boxer. All he needed was to land at some point in the fight and the game was over.

If Wilder’s opponent is able to establish itself after being injured, He’ll eliminate them quickly. Tyson Fury is the only one who survives Wilder’s power and you could argue he was knocked out in the first and third fights.

Most referees will immediately stop a fight if they see an unconscious fighter like Fury in their first fight.

“If you listen to Tyson Fury, you can tell how much he respects him. Because he knows what it’s like to be on stage with a guy like that,” Edwards says. “I just thought that if Anthony didn’t understand the mind, Dealing with good people Ontay will be difficult because he always thinks a lot.

“It’s almost like he’s trying to philosophize a lot of things while Wilder in the ring He’s just a savage.He just goes for it, yes, he’s just a handful. When people say that to me, I say, ‘You only have two hands. You only have a 50% chance of getting it right.

“It’s not like you have ten hands and he uses one hand, you have two hands, so he uses the dominant one. I respect both of them a lot. But I think now From what I saw from both of them Wilder has the advantage I’ll leave it like that, ”Edwards said.

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