Deontay Wilder had one of the toughest punches in boxing, but Anthony Joshua was able to handle and beat him.

Anthony Joshua still has the style and skill to defuse explosives expert Deontay Wilder if he can follow the right game plan.

Since losing to Oleksandr Usyk by 2 points, AJ looked to work hard to beat Jermaine Franklin over 12 rounds, or seven rounds, to stop Robert Helenius, despite the closing shot being remarkably intense.

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Joshua won a big KO on Saturday night and his team’s focus will now be on their matchup with Wilder.

If two heavyweights meet in a winter bout, Wilder is definitely the bookmaker’s favourite, but Joshua has a huge advantage over ‘The Bronze Bomber’, which if he uses it. He will be victorious in his career.

The main criticism after the fight of both Franklin and Helenius was that Joshua, who used to be spectacular and aggressive, became overly cautious after losing to Uzik and before that Andy Rui. S Junior

But ‘caution’ is how unnamed boxer Tyson Fury should fight a dangerous opponent like Wilder.

One of the problems AJ faced in front of a packed crowd in London from his two bouts under coach Derrick James was running into two minds. Do it during a KO full of surges, on the other hand, using his immense physical advantage to win without taking any undue risks.

Compared to Wilder, that process turned out to be easy. The victory would have been impressive enough. There is no real pressure to blow away his supporters or opponents – just beating the Alabama man will be successful.

And Joshua has many tools to do just that. One of the hallmarks of defeating Helenius is that once again his jabs are impressive: heavy and accurate. Aim for the head and body.

A stiff jab is Boxing 101 in disrupting the rhythm of a fighter like Wilder. make him lose his balance The complaint about Joshua is that we haven’t seen any of his painful uppercuts or inadequately average left hooks since his defeat to Ruiz, but keeping those punches and keeping Wilder at the end of one is a blast. A long streak would be an ideal strategy.

Joshua has been called a ‘robot’ by some of the heavyweights, from Fury to Helenius, but one of the things he does against Wilder is his traditional long straight punches will hit the target. In a straight line faster than Deontay’s wide punch.


Fury was dropped twice in the fourth round of his third fight with Wilder. who is one of the biggest fighters in the heavyweight division

Wilder’s power is outstanding – he’s the toughest single-punch fighter I’ve ever seen. But there is reason to believe that Joshua was at least able to land on Wilder first and test his chin before checking AJ’s resilience.

Joshua may not be an elite boxer like Usyk or a top boxer like Fury, but he’s a strong foundation with his size and heavyweight strength. That’s enough to cause Wilder big problems in the past.

Despite making excuses for two defeats to Fury (and most observers believing he lost), Wilder was held by an awkward 11-lap lead by Johann Duhaupas. He could have lost the whole fight against the aged Luis Ortiz until his powers put him out of trouble.

And now it’s Wilder who should anxiously look at his birth certificate. The former heavyweight champion turns 38 in October and has only boxed one round – his KO against Helenius – in the two years since his second defeat to Fury.

If Wilder doesn’t warm up first He will face AJ as a rusted fighter in the ring. His physical peak had already passed. And there’s the question of just how many brutal double KOs Fury beat him for.

Joshua, who turns 34 a week before Wilder turns 38, has rarely seen his best performance in the 19 rounds he boxed this year. But he’ll be incredibly grateful to have them in the bank if the match against Wilder continues.

The concern for AJ is the same as for Wilder’s opponent: It doesn’t matter how long you outbox him, if you can, he always carries that power. “He has to be perfect for all the fights. I only had to be perfect for a second.” As Mr Bomb Squad rightly said in the past.

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‘Klitschko era’ ends as Joshua stops dominant champion But the belief that saw AJ’s victory remain?

Both Franklin and Helenius left AJ with nosebleeds. He was far from any opponent untouchable even after losing a round. But Franklin has a fast, short and sneaky counter punch that has been causing Joshua problems all along. and with Helenius Joshua tried to pressure the action and looked for a stop. Ignoring the raging fire

The Ultimate Version of Joshua – The Man Who Rises From Deck to Beat the Inspirational Wladimir Klitschko Or even a man who rejects an admittedly overweight Ruiz in their bouts – has a good chance of beating Wilder. and for all his strange powers He is slender for a heavyweight at 6ft 7in (Rage Against One has a clear strength advantage over him).

The question is whether a version of Joshua with that level of self-belief still exists. If Wilder takes a physical blow from Fury, AJ appears to be mentally scarred from his defeat by Uzik.

He sometimes seems reluctant to step into his fists with Franklin and Helenius, and as Wilder’s trainer Malik Scott said, “Deontay is going to send him to the next dimension. And that was his intention. When he didn’t punch you He is punching you.”

Critics use the word ‘anti-eye’ to describe Joshua in the present: a fighter whose Armor of Invincibility is damaged by being beaten by Klitschko, stopped by Ruiz, and unboxed by Usyk, but AJ is on canvas in the finale. Only fought professionally twice. (Rising to win one of them)

Wilder can ruin anyone’s night with a hay maker that doesn’t always need to be grounded to create devastating effects and end the fight. That’s a minefield Joshua had to walk through, so it’s understandable why he started the tournament as an underdog.

But he’s a better pure boxer than Wilder, an Olympic gold medalist whose jab, fitness, or even ambition gets to Wilder first and puts him in the spotlight. Whether or not he has the ability and belief to do such a thing, it’s likely that 12 Raises under the threat of Wilder’s power is another question. Which makes the rivalry between these two flawed but talented heavyweights so fascinating.

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