Days after Mark Zuckerberg ended MMA fighting, Elon Musk and Joe Rogan celebrate scientist Lex Fridman’s birthday.

The world is thrilled to see two billionaires fight inside the UFC Octagon. It all started in June when Tesla owner and X (formerly Twitter) CEO Elon Musk missed a challenge against Meta Zuckerberg CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who used to train. fight before accept the challenge

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in the next few months Both of them trained under UFC fighters to help prepare for the Octagon fight. Big names became involved in this fight and promotion. Even though it had been cooked in a pot for a while. But it turns out that one of the two people decided to quit—and for good.

Rather celebrate a birthday than a victory? Elon Musk celebrates Joe Rogan and…


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X CEO is known for being a guy who likes to have a good time when he’s not working, so fans weren’t surprised to see him celebrating the birthday of Russian-American scientist and podcaster Lex Fridman.

The podcaster uploaded a photo on Instagram of him celebrating his birthday with Elon Musk and Joe RoganThe caption reads, “Thank you for the birthday wishes! I got to celebrate with amazing friends, including Elon Musk. @joeroganand @hubermanlabAll those who brought fun, wisdom and happiness into my life. I am truly grateful for this beautiful journey. and the love and kindness I received along the way Thank you for everything. I love everyone!“.

According to sources, Lex Fridman and Elon Musk are training together and in the photo Fridman uploaded on his birthday. The two were seen in training clothes.

Musk, who was supposed to fight Mark Zuckerberg, appears to be busy with something else at this point. The battle between the two took place outside the ‘Octagon’ when Mark Zuckerberg recently introduced the world to ‘Threads’, a platform comparable to Musk’s X.

Why was the fight canceled? Mark Zuckerberg Questions Elon Musk

Sources confirmed that it was Mark Zuckerberg who ended the fight. And it seems the Meta CEO had his reasons. Although Musk initially issued a challenge, Zuckerberg was forced to end the fight after the Tesla owner showed little confidence and was really interested in following the fight.

In a Threads post, Zuckerberg said, “I think we can all agree that Elon isn’t serious and it’s time to move on. Elon won’t confirm a date. Then said he needed surgery. And now I will ask to practice in the backyard instead, ”UFC president. Dana White It is the person tasked with promoting the fight. A potential fight between the two is the talk of the town. UFC fighters like it. Israel Adesanya, George Saint-Pierre and Alexander Volkanovsky Both training were seen, however, all of this was voided since the fight was cancelled.


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However, Zuckerberg kept the door open as he added, “If Elon is serious about real dating and official work. He knows how to contact me,” in his Threads post, but Musk isn’t one to sit still as he introduces a new perspective to He claims to have done enough to try and get Zuckerberg to fight, but the Meta CEO has responded to all his requests with an ‘excuse’.

Elon Musk’s threat to drive to Mark Zuckerberg’s house to fight got a gruesome response from Meta CEO’s team when Tesla’s bosses were shut down.


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Apparently, a few days ago Musk had posted a screenshot of a conversation with Zuckerberg in which the Meta owner was seen pressing Musk for ‘real MMA fights’. with a fight or not? Will Musk call for another fight? Or was the fight officially canceled?

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