“Dana White Gets More From Nate”: Nate Diaz Hogs $20 Million For Fighting Jake Paul, Cracks The Internet

The aftermath of Jake Paul’s clash with Nate Diaz looks like a new narrative. Before the clash, the UFC veteran had already made his intentions clear. If he’s boxing It would only be an 8-figure wallet, although his opponent, The Problem Child, was hesitant at first. But Stockton Slapper seems to be able to handle his demands. All thanks to new resources.

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While Diaz was one of the top draws in the UFC at the time of his retirement. He appeared to do well for himself in his first bout outside of the promotion as well, however, there were some doubts about the fortune he accumulated in the squared circle after his insider revealed the numbers for the event.

The UFC fighter’s former manager, Zach Rosenfield, claims Diaz likely made around $20 million from his boxing debut. He has revealed that both fighters will receive a 50/50 cut of the fight that takes place.


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Moreover According to Diaz’s manager, the 38-year-old deserves a fair share of all revenue sources such as PPV payments, sponsorships and even a share of tickets sold. Ever since he confirmed the $20 million payment in support of Diaz, fans have been shocked by the incredible numbers their beloved Stockton hitman has thrown in. What’s more, MMA and fight fans took to social media with overwhelming comments on Rosenfield’s comments.

Nate Diaz’s $20 Million Wallet Causes Flurry of Reactions

The post-fight conversation between Diaz and Paul takes an interesting turn, with Nate Diaz reporting that her $20 million purse stole the spotlight. While the online community grapples with alarming numbers, opinions was divided according to the validity of this big payday The revelation of Diaz’s massive payday caused surprise and suspicion among fans. They also questioned how much money Diaz generates for the UFC and what percentage he earned.

With news of Diaz’s $20 million payout spreading, fans weighed in with mixed reactions.

While many fans expressed their delight for Diaz, others remained skeptical. user reflects, “Congratulations Nate if it’s true. But I don’t believe this number.”

Others applied common sense to the equation, stating that “Common sense refuses to believe this.”

Additionally, a comparison between Diaz’s earnings and UFC chairman Dana White’s potential gains emerged, with one fan speculating. “I’d bet Dana White did more than that from Nate Diaz.”

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Critical perspectives come as fans question the UFC’s role in the equation.

“Including a massive PPV match with UFC’s biggest stars from a strong negotiation standpoint. Dana is a cheater.” highlight one comment

A hint of disbelief arose as fans questioned the authenticity of the incredible amount, saying: “Haha, no chance of him doing 20mm.”

on the contrary The cheers echoed in the comments of the fans. by acknowledging Diaz’s success “Walk around and take the money, big win for Nate.”


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However, drawing an amusing parallel between Diaz’s earnings and legitimate bank robbery, one fan commented rashly. “Just legit bank robbery.”

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Not everyone overlooks the nature of the sport. with one football fan taunting “He got paid for his softer shots, congratulations for him!”

on another note The 26-year-old YouTuber turned boxer has already offered Diaz the opportunity to make an additional $10 million. All he had to do was accept Paul’s offer for an MMA fight. The troublemaker also announced that he was available for a potential MMA match, but had to take a break from training for six months to make his MMA debut.


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What do you think? Will we see a Diaz vs Paul clash in the Octagon in the near future? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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