Cory Sandhagen reveals conversation with Dana White after uneventful UFC Nashville show

Cory Sandhagen understands that his UFC Nashville win might not set the world on fire. But he was also confident that he had done his best from the hand that had been dealt with.

Sandhagen beat Rob Font competed in one-sided matches in Saturday’s main event. That surpasses Font in a hard-hitting decision that extends his current winning streak to three straight. The show drew boos from the crowd in Nashville. And the two bantamweight divisions landed at the same time. Fourth least important strike The fight lasted over 25 minutes in the modern UFC era. And is scheduled to have surgery this Thursday.

Sandhagen reflected on the difficult situation on Monday’s episode. MMA hours

“There are two pieces there,” he acknowledges. “There’s a line that’s like, OK, I understand that sports and entertainment conflict when we talk about UFC and MMA in general. It’s not just who can play basketball. the best? It’s like who can play basketball at their best and look flashy while doing that? That’s what it is, so I understand. I felt that if I could entertain more I would definitely film more for entertainment. At the time, I was just not ready to take too many risks. I just feel compromised.

“And more than that I feel like I’d give Rob a huge advantage if I could stand my ground. Because the gap between me and Rob Font was so wide that it was almost — as a martial artist. It would be silly to let Rob have an advantage when I’m better at something. It was almost like I was playing basketball and Shaquille O’Neal was protecting me and I was trying to post a tirade to him. Or try to play with colors with him. I won’t do that

“I would run around and shoot threes if Shaq was the one protecting me. because he had the advantage there Especially when I was compromised, no, that’s how I had to deal with it in order to walk away winning.”

Sandhagen, 31, was originally scheduled to face Umar Nurmagomedov at UFC Nashville, however, the undefeated young competitor withdrew in mid-July due to a shoulder injury. which caused Font to join for a short period of time. But in the end, he wanted to keep his word and do what he had signed.

With the win, Sandhagen remains one of the top contenders in the UFC bantamweight division. He hopes his performances will not affect his position in the title chase.

“Actually, I already spoke to Dana. [White] about this,” Sandhagen says. “I was like, ‘Hey man, this happened. I wanted to be more open but I was uncomfortable’ and he was really cool with it. he’s fine with it He just told me to get well and he felt great about it.”

“There’s nothing strange. [from White]Sandhagen added, “And in my last 3 opponents, I stopped Song Yadong who was a very good fighter. and is going to prove further that he is a really good fighter I know he will be one of the best players in the division one day. I beat ‘Chito’. [Marlon Vera] One mile and I beat Rob by two miles. You can’t argue too much that I don’t deserve the title anyway.

“I know the last fight probably lacked a bit of momentum. But you take other things into consideration. All other than fights — and even in fights with injuries — and you can’t hate me too much for The way the fight goes, I’m still 50-45, one of the best men in the world with butt arms.”

With great trepidation, Sandhagen also ignored reports of leaving his seat midway through the fourth round of the fight.

“I don’t know. I think it might be true if people say that. But that could be for a number of reasons,” Sanhagen said. “That doesn’t have to be. [be because of the fight]. He’s a busy guy and all that, but yeah, when I talk to him. He’s really friendly, really kind, very understanding. And there’s no such thing as ‘HEY MOM!!!!!’ You should have done this’, there was no such thing. It was all understanding.”

Sandhagen said he expects to be sidelined for at least six months after surgery, however, by the time he returns. The UFC bantamweight division might look very different.

UFC bantamweight champion Aljamen Sterling is set to defend his title against Sean. O’Malley next Saturday at UFC 292, Sterling has teased that he may continue to raise it to 145 pounds, clearing the way for his friend and teammate Merab Dwalishvili to challenge. for belt As a result, Henry Cejudo is one of many top bantamweight fighters. Thanking Sandhagen Publicly After UFC Nashville for a not-so-exciting show

Cejudo claims all of UFC Nashville but is confident he will be the one to fight Dvalishvili for his next shot at the bantamweight belt. Not surprisingly, Sandhagen disagreed.

“I don’t know man. I think everyone will have an argument to fight for the next belt. I think they will attack this situation,” said Sandhagen. “But the situation is what it is. I did my best Like I said, I’m 50-45 years old, one of the best in the world. which upon giving two and a half weeks’ notice I had to change my whole strategy. Not the man I prepared

“And Henry can say whatever he wants. But he got the gift of gold for winning the first title anyway, and he lost. Now you’re one or two fights behind. I can go out a little Good luck to those people. But I expect that when I come back I will be the next one to fight for this title.”

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