Chelsea’s transfer chaos isn’t like it was 12 months ago – thanks to a simple fact.

Chelsea return to management with Mauricio Pochettino takes charge of the team And even if they spend big money this summer But there seems to be a cure for the madness.

Todd Boehly continues to splash cash.(Visionhaus/Getty Images)

I know the circus is crazy about the Moises Caicedo deal making Chelsea’s transfer policy even more absurd. But now I’m calling it — this isn’t the same approach as the nonsense of last January.

Two words why: Mauricio Pochettino

Let’s face it, Graham Potter blesses him. Todd Bohley never shows signs of mania in the winter window. He was just given a random pack of cards and asked to play them. That will only end with him getting the cards… which is why the new manager is demanding and getting more control over signings. I can guarantee it for sure.

Despite being indistinguishable, he is a solid and strong South American defender. You only know that beneath his calm and friendly appearance, he is a killer. You must be in this game. And don’t let anyone tell you Pep or Jürgen are different.

Okay, maybe Potter has a different approach that works for Brighton. But obviously not at Stamford Bridge and Pochettino is considering it.

I can tell you that he came to two quick conclusions. First, he needed a proper influence over transfer policy. Second – and very importantly – he needed to isolate the exemplary players from the previous manager.

On the first point, that might be part of the negotiations when he takes the job, don’t be busy, send a nice message. but told the owner that he could not make a gun distribution signature.

Look at the players he brought in. Influenced from South America This is a market where he still has knowledge because of his contacts. And there’s definitely a French vibe. And he will know everything about those players from his time at PSG.

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