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by Dan Ambrose: Trainer Eddy Reynoso said Canelo Alvarez will continue to target Jermall Charlo after they face Jermell Charlo next month on Sept. 30 on Showtime in Las Vegas.

Reynoso feels that Jermall, the unbeaten WBC middleweight champion (32-0, 22 KOs), who hasn’t fought for 2+ years, is a good choice for Canelo (59-2-2, 39 KOs). To the next fight after his win, taking care of Charlo, the smaller Jermell.

The boxer hopes undisputed super-middleweight champion Canelo will face WBC 168-pound challenger David Benavidez because he has been waiting for a title for two years.

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Unfortunately, Reynoso says they need the next Jermall, meaning Benavidez is out of luck. At this point, a Benavidez match might not happen because if Canelo loses to Jermell, that matchup is useless.

It’s questionable whether Jermall will be able to fight Canelo as he doesn’t look very good in the latest video on Youtube. injured

Reynoso also said the fight between Canelo and Terence Crawford wouldn’t happen, although Crawford did come to 168, which he said he wouldn’t do. Reynoso said the fight wouldn’t. “Concrete”

Crawford’s mention of wanting Canelo to fight him in the catchweight version. Obviously not an outright starter, Crawford showed his innocence with that comment because it wasn’t going to happen.

Canelo is a superstar and he won’t be manipulated by a fighter who fights with just one big name. [Errol Spence Jr.] Over the course of 15 years, Crawford needed to wake up and stay calm because his only chance of earning Canelo’s big salary was to fight him at 168 or 175.

Jurmall and Jurmall

“It was a great fight. people talking about weight What people don’t say is that Canelo came from 147 pounds and Charlo was 154 pounds at the time,” trainer Eddy Reynoso told Little Giant Boxing.

“What we do is gain weight but we lose weight as well. Ultimately it will be a great fight. It will be a fight that will be remembered for a long time,” Reynoso continued about the Canelo Alvarez vs. Jermell Charlo bout.

“There’s always a fight between Mexicans and African Americans, Charles. [Jermell & Jermall] be a great fighter above all They are managed and trained by one of the best trainers in boxing, the disciplined Derrick James.

“We have two great sparring partners. Eight rounds of training today. The day before ten laps I think Canelo has adapted very well to the altitude,” Reynoso said of the mountain training that Canelo was doing to acclimatize his body for his fight with Charlo.

“It’s been a while since we’ve done a high altitude training camp. Canelo is very focused. And you get to see a great canelo for charlo fighting.

“Yes, there will be a press conference next week for the Charlo fight, the Canelo-Charlo Tour. going well First we will fight Jermail Charlo; Then we’ll follow Jurmall.

“It was a great fight,” Reynoso said of tonight’s bout between WBO super featherweight champion Emmanuel Navarrete and Oscar Valdez on EA. SPN “Both are great fighters who enjoy war.

“It was an equal fight. Whoever posted the clip first will determine a lot. Both rose from the canvas. It’s going to be a great fight.

“We are training hard. And we know the battle will be complicated. We focus on fighting.

Reynoso turned down Canelo-Crawford.

“I think it’s going to be a more competitive fight. In the end, Crawford’s skill is clearly showing. Crawford’s level is clearly showing against Spence. I think Spence has to come back. from that fight He didn’t show much. Someone said he was dehydrated.

“I think the weight difference is too big,” Reynoso said when telling Crawford he wanted to fight at 158. “I don’t think that fight is realistic, yeah, but I don’t think Crawford puts much weight on it. that much He was too small,” Reynoso said.

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