Butterbean Boxing Icon Shows Off Amazing Body Transformation After Jake Paul Calls


  • Boxing legend Butterbean, known for his massive stature, has changed his form and is now in much better shape after retiring from the sport.
  • Butterbean’s heaviest fights put him at an astonishing 417 and 426 pounds. Make it a memorable spectacle in this ring.

Boxing legend Eric Esch, also known as Butterbean, has become a familiar name in the sport due to his massive, record-breaking physique coupled with his prime single-punch power. But when I stopped playing many years ago Now the squared circle icon looks completely different and has greatly improved his appearance.

Esch fought an incredible 91 fights in professional boxing in a very long career. by collecting up to 77 victories along the way And he’s even been in the ring against heavyweight legend Larry Holmes. You can see a huge difference physically, and Esch has shown that despite not being successful on a global scale. that anyone of any shape and size can compete

The American heavyweight’s final bout was in 2013 against Kirk Lawton, but in the weird and wonderful world of boxing, there’s a lot to be said. Retiring doesn’t mean the end of not coming back. At 57, it seems extremely unlikely. But something strange happened, especially when he called out to former YouTube boxer Jake Paul.

Butter Bean’s Toughest Battle

Esch has struggled with surprisingly heavy weights throughout his career. At times, he would hardly believe it considering his height in the sport. His illustrious physique seems to elevate his profile to a height that has kept him in boxing till the age of 47.

‘The Bean’ has never weighed under 300lbs, which is pretty incredible considering how talented his opponents like Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury are dropping. But what has opened the eyes of boxing fans is his heaviest two punches on record, which is sure to shake the scales.


Esch entered the bout with Joe Siciliano at a whopping 417lbs, which equates to approximately 187kg, and as the expected quality and strength were certainly not expressed. But this wasn’t even his peak. And in an unfathomable way, Butterbean stepped onto the scales at a whopping 426 pounds for the final bout of his career against Kirk Lawton.

Ten years ago, Butterbean finally decided to hang up the gloves. showing that he can combine the best for every occasion. The bout must have been a real spectacle for the fans in attendance, as he and his opponent weighed a combined 676 pounds, which is true heavyweight boxing.

Butterbean urges Jake Paul to fight back.

Boxing in this modern era has become incredibly bizarre. The weird and wonderful has happened on labels such as Misfits Boxing and Triller, including the return of Mike Tyson, the groundbreaking performances of Floyd Mayweather, the boxing powerhouse. and even a tag team

and when asked on a regular basis Of course, this comeback seemed to exceed Esch’s wildest dreams. However, photos began to emerge of his diet plan as he sought a stronger body. Which caused new rumors about a new comeback.

YouTube star Jake Paul has been dubbed by almost everyone imaginable, including bodybuilders, UFC fighters, boxers and other influencers. Based on his proven pay-per-views. But nothing is more surprising than the big American who has his name on the tip of his tongue when asked if he will be back.

He said in a post on social media: “The big announcement is I’m going to do my last fight, it’s going to be a year from now, Jake Paul, if you’re ready, I’m here for you.” Dude, let’s get started, me and you Jake Paul.

“I’m in a weight fight. You’ll have to listen to my podcast to find out how much weight you’ve lost. But I haven’t weighed in over 20 years, so that will give you an idea.”

It’s unclear how much weight the punch is for Butterbean, but it’s uncertain how long any potential fight will last. Because he fought only once for more than four rounds in his entire career. Despite his lack of patience, Esch was given many opportunities, including a WWF wrestling promotion, and would technically be a fairly big name.

However, Paul never responded to the call. And obviously the weight difference is impossible to navigate for sanctioned competition. What will happen next on the boxing ring is always unknown. But we don’t see Paul deciding to abandon the rematch with Tommy. Fury to fight the 57-year-old giant

Jake Paul’s Future

YouTube boxer Paul is very unlikely to face ‘Butterbean’ and is on a completely different track. fight

This set him back from a disastrous defeat to rival Tommy Fury in February. But the win could be just the second holding of the conference, allowing ‘TNT’ to advance beyond KSI in October. He still wanted to fight other boxers and even called Canelo Alvarez the current undisputed champion.

0092_Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz-1

Paul’s time in the ring could be borrowed if he loses again. And he will know that his opponent must be carefully selected. Keeping an eye on draws and pay-per-view profiles, ‘Problem Child’ is also slated to make his MMA debut under the PFL promotional banner, potentially delaying his return to the squared circle.

Now Butterbean has left his boxing career behind. But continued training and focusing on a new diet as he appeared to be in better shape. Rarely does a heavyweight boxer get in better shape after retiring. But this veteran boxer was able to withstand the tide.

In a recent social media post on Instagram, Butterbean showed off his amazing new body. Which is certainly much smaller than his previous fighting weight. Esch bends over in the photo and shows off a much thinner frame. before accepting that he still had a way to go

However, he could barely remember from the day he fought. And admitted that he lost an incredible 200 pounds from his maximum weight. Explaining his tactics to his fans, it announced his weight as he stepped on the scale at 308 pounds, nearly 100 pounds less competitive and 200 pounds less than at his peak.

WATCH: Butterbean Shows Change in Public Weighing

‘The Bean’ was clearly proud of his accomplishments. This was documented in the series as part of his training program against former wrestling champion Diamond Dallas Page. But something may reappear as part of a charity exhibition.

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