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Odds for Brentford vs Tottenham

Brentford and Tottenham meet in a north London derby to start their respective Premier League seasons.

The Bees had a historic season last year. It finished in ninth place, just a few points clear of the Europa Conference League title.

Thomas Frank’s team is one of the toughest to play outside of the Big Six. due to their unique style of play They beat Tottenham at the Brentford Community Stadium last season. So we will see if they can do two matches in a row or not.

Tottenham are going through a transition period now that former Celtic manager Ange Postecoglu is in charge. This means that the gameplay will be different and more exciting. which will be accompanied by increased pain Not to mention Harry Kane just signed for Bayern Munich.

This is my Brentford vs Tottenham pick.

The Bees were the best team in the Premier League last year taking points from the Big Six. Especially at home, in their six matches against the Big Six at the Brentford Community Stadium, they have beaten Manchester City, Tottenham, Liverpool and Man City. Chester United, they drew Chelsea and lost against Arsenal.

Brentford have lost their starting keeper David Raya and Ivan Toney is out for half the season. But Brentford already have a new signing in place. Kevin Sheid left Freiburg at the January transfer deadline and made quite a few appearances towards the end of last season. He is a tall striker with one of the best aerial win percentages in Europe. That plays in line with Brentford’s strengths as the best team in the Premier League with set-pieces. They also signed Raya’s replacement in Mark Flekken from Freiburg.

So when entering the first week of competition Brentford shouldn’t have much dropdowns. which has the same xG difference as Tottenham last season.

Brentford are beasts to play with because of their different style of play. The Bees are built on low block strength. effective in transition And is one of the best set-piece teams in the Premier League.

last season When Brentford didn’t have the ball in defense in their own third frame. They allowed their second-lowest second-to-last third-frame conversion rate only to highlight how well they defended in and around the 18-yard box. They finished the season with an average of 1.56 xG per. Better than Tottenham, Chelsea and Aston Villa in 90 minutes, they still do it while averaging just 43.3% possession as the Bees don’t have much possession. So they focus on kicks and kicks. And it worked wonders for them. Because they have the best xG points per set piece in the Premier League. And also score the most goals from set-pieces .

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Tottenham are going through a transition period under Ange Postecoglu. They will not have the low-block counter-attacking style you saw during the Antonio era. Conte no more, Postecoglu’s Celtic were dominant on the ball. It builds on a 2-3-5 system and always looks for high counterattacks when losing possession.

That’s a big change for a club that ranks 14th in the PPDA, 18th in high turnover. and held only 50% of the ball on average last season So there will be more pain for this team. Brentford is not a team you want to face, especially on the road when you are trying to change your system.

You also add that your top scorer. And he has been your everything in attack for the past five years. Just days before the season started, Kane started 38 games in total last season, scoring 30 out of 68 for the team and now. Richarlison will have to fill those big shoes after scoring just one goal in the Premier League last season.

Brentford vs Tottenham

Betting selection and prediction

Betting markets will underestimate Tottenham as the season progresses. Due to their style of play under the poster, Koglu is about to raise the ceiling. But now their ground is pretty low and are traveling to play against a team like Brentford when you are. Switching systems and losing a young striker a few days ago is not the ideal situation.

Brentford will let Tottenham get the ball and create from the back. But life will be very difficult for Tottenham trying to get into the Brentford penalty area. And I’m not sure they now have an attacker who can consistently break low blocks. especially a team that is as good as with Brentford

Tottenham are expected to be slight favorites on the road. So I like Brentford at +170.

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