“Boxing is one of the most destructive sports”: Terence Crawford points to the antagonistic battle between professional boxers and supporters.

In his “Economic and Philosophical Manuscript of 1844” on wages, Karl Marx declared that wages came from “The antagonistic struggle between capitalists and workers“. And by the fact that capitalists own the means of production Marx thus declared victory to the capitalist in this struggle. In the context of professional boxing While the person who owns the promotion has the ability to organize competition and benefit from pleasing consumers. Athletes sell their labor by dodging and enduring punches for a living. Boxers and sponsors have replaced laborers and capitalists respectively in today’s boxing.

In an interview with two-time undisputed champion Rich Kleiman, entrepreneur. Terence Crawford Get a first-hand experience of the hostile battles between promoters and boxers. Without hesitation, Crawford branded Boxing.One of the most corrupt sportsand commented on the unfair and unfair wages boxers would receive to protect their species from extinction.

Terence Crawford breaks the silence when being scammed by sponsors in this business.


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Marx declared:The lowest wage rate and the only necessity is to provide the worker with sustenance for the duration of his work.“. In great agreement with this point of view. Crawford declared that boxers often miss out on the amount of work they deserve in and out of the ring.Boxing is one of the most corrupt and unprecedented sports in the history of sports. We would guarantee $5 million not knowing that $30 million we missed.he announced

Along the lines above, Crawford declared that he would not do it in the first place.”Look at the contract and what’s really coming in.“However, as soon as ‘Bu’ had come to his senses and asked the necessary questions, He also had a problem with the old promoter.”and when that time I know it’s time to go‘ said ‘Bu’. He also mentioned how the promoters liked it. Don King and Bob Areum A lawyer by profession and able to protect himself and his interests well.

you must understand All of these promoters, like Don King and Bob Arum, they were lawyers. and if they are not lawyers They also have the worst lawyers around them so they can make those kinds of contracts while they are protecting themselves. But they confuse you at the same time.Crawford added that the 35-year-old also bemoaned his alienation from his struggles.


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‘Bu’ exposes boxers who are alienated from their own fights

As Marx noted Capital means the accumulation of labor. in other words The capital depends on the labor the worker will use. Although workers are responsible for capital production. But he didn’t own it. By the end of Labor Day it was taken from the workers.”on an increasing level [that] His own labor confronts him as someone else’s property.“. Similarly Although boxers toil, bleed, and entertain They don’t own their battles.”You can sell your soul We fought hard but we didn’t own the fight. The promotional company owns our fight.” Crawford concluded.


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