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by Allan Fox: IBF mandated wrestler Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis deserves to be the runner-up next time. Whether it’s a fight with champion Terence Crawford or an empty belt. If Nebraska residents choose to risk 50 to 50 against an assassin under 26 years of age

Crawford (40-0, 31 KOs) inherited the mandatory responsibility of facing IBF ‘Boots’ Ennis when he defeated IBF/WBA/WBC welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr last month.

Now Crawford has to make a big decision. Because he won’t be able to win the IBF 147 pound title like it’s precious. souvenir For the memory of when he was old & gray

That position must be protected. And it’s too hot for Crawford because of the fight with Boots. Adventurous Ennis he had to give up Having just won the IBF belt, Crawford may be reluctant to give up. Because he wanted that strap to be named the undisputed welterweight champion.

It doesn’t sound so good when a fighter is called a former undisputed champion. But if Crawford doesn’t feel obligated to face Boots, He must retire or have the IBF fire him.

Crawford didn’t say what his Plan C was. If a rematch with Errol Spence or a battle with 154-pound champion Jermell Charlo doesn’t happen any more.

Unless Crawford wants to sit around. during the rest of the year His best option would be to continue fighting Boots Ennis if Spence chooses not to rematch because of Jermell’s involvement with Canelo Alvarez.

Boots Ennis deserves to win

“Being prepared doesn’t always mean you’re going to win,” Edwards ‘Breadman’ told Fighthype when asked if Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis was ready for Terence Crawford.

“That means you’re ready for your chance. I think ‘Boots’ deserve a chance. Someone had to give Crawford a chance. And someone had to give Errol a chance. I think he deserves this opportunity.”

If Crawford chooses to keep his IBF title and not fight Boots. We’ll see if IFA does the right thing and fires him. Will IBF let Crawford swerve his boots as he fights Spence again? Or if he moved up to 154 to fight, that would look bad if they let it happen.

“Now, whether he fights these people or not, I don’t know. Guys fight guys their age,” says Bradman. “They don’t tend to fight guys much younger than them. You rarely see that. especially talented men But this idea that he is not ready is absurd.”

If Crawford moved up to 154 to fight 28-year-old Tim Tszyu for the WBO title, wouldn’t that be the same as he fought Boots Ennis? We’re talking about a two-year difference between Boots and 26-year-old Tszyu. If Crawford is willing to fight Tszyu, why isn’t he facing Boots? Is it the fear of losing?

“He’s 26, that’s right. Crawford and Errol were about 26 and 27 when they won the championship. Boots had more fights than when they won the title. Of course he was ready. I’m not saying he can beat Terence,” said Bradman.

“What Terence did last night was amazing. But I think Boots deserved it and took the runner-up spot. whether with those people or anyone else But he deserves to be commended.

“Terence & Boots? That’s 50-50 just because that happened to Errol. That doesn’t mean that can happen to Boots. And Terence is special. You don’t know if he will still stand out as before. That’s like he’s in the zone.

“That was a monster show. And we saw that the perfect fight You don’t see him fighting them back and forth.
back and forth like that That was a perfect fight.
Execution,” Edwards said.

Breadman does not mention elephant in the room when it comes to Crawford’s “monster performance” to Spence.

He should be talking about Errol losing weight to the point where he’s at roughly 20% capacity and looking like a half-asleep zombie in the arena on fight nights.

“So it’s difficult to do that back and forth. Boots is a gifted child. and he was ten years younger. If Terence doesn’t fight him He had more rights to choose who he wanted to fight at this point, man. [Crawford] Wait until he’s 35 to make a big pay-per-view fight, so he is.
Absolutely earned,” Breadman said.

Crawford Ducking Boots Ennis?

“I’m not saying he avoided Boots. But I don’t believe Terence.E. Crawford is afraid of anyone. Boots deserve to win over anyone. Whatever they decide to do with [IBF] belt, his bullet is his bullet.”

If you were to say that Crawford didn’t hide from Boots, It must mean that he is. Because it really does look like that.

‘If it looks like a duck swim like a duck and sing like a duck It’s probably a duck.’ And that fits Crawford on the tee.

‘Let’s see how he is. [Errol Spence] Keep up, that’s a hard beat. And I just want to be fair to this guy,” Bradman said when asked if Boots Ennis could beat Errol. Spence or not

“I really liked Errol and a lot of people kicked him as he fell. And it’s hard for me to assess what he’ll look like in the next bout after such a hard defeat. He fell a few times.

“Obviously, there have been reports of some problems. [with Spence]. I don’t want to carry on any rumors. But let me see what he will look like in his next fight. Because who knows what he’ll be like when you come back?

“He hit hard and fell. His balance was knocked over. Let’s see how he got back before we can assess,” Edwards said of Spence.

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