Barcelona’s new signing opens the door for Neymar: “Welcome to all players involved”

said in an interview with Gerard RomeroBarcelona’s new striker Oriol Romeu Claims that he welcomes players like Neymar into the club.

The Spanish midfielder arrived at the club earlier this summer from Girona. and have adapted well Made an impressive performance in pre-season

Romeu’s performances mean he is pretty much guaranteed to start as a defensive midfielder when Blavrana The new season begins with Getafe this week.

The former Chelsea and Southampton midfielder addresses a range of topics. during the interview one of which is linked to Neymar.

The 31-year-old PSG superstar is keen on a move back to Barca. With the latest reports indicating that he has already agreed to the terms of the two-year contract.

When talking about the possibility of coming for Neymar Romeu said “For Neymar All participating players can participate.

“We will wait and see if the club decides on him or another option.”

Neymar could return to Barcelona. (Photo by ANTHONY WALLACE/AFP via Getty Images)

On a move to Barcelona from Girona itself, Romeu said he never thought such a move would be possible when the summer window begins.

“When the transfer market starts. I think it’s impossible to join Barca. I’m so excited The feeling I got was very good. You know you are joining a club where the only thing that matters is winning.” he said.

Romeu also spoke of the good balance of youth and experience in the squad. At the same time praising some young people who have stepped up to the level farmhouse.

“There is a good balance between the younger and more experienced players. I saw young players coming in hungry and thirsty.” Rome exclaimed

“mine [Yamal] and Fermin [Lopez] Freedom has to be given because they have shown that they can contribute.”

about adjusting to the new team and what manager Xavi expects of him. Romeu said: “The coach wants to have a lot of possession. It’s important to keep a good structure and help creative players.

“I have more positions and I think I can bring more balance to the team.”

Has he received any advice from Sergio Busquets, the man he should replace in the squad? Romeu replied:

“I haven’t spoken to Busi yet, but I’m happy to hear any advice he wants me to give. I always watch Barça because of him.”

Looking forward to making his second debut against Barcelona. Romeu admits to having concerns ahead of Getafe game where he said:

“Of course there were worries before debut. Tough in every game and Getafe too. [Jose] Bordalás will be a good fight. If you want to win You must win these wars.”

Speaking of his best position in midfield, the 31-year-old said: “I play my best football as a single player, however, I like to adapt to what is available.”

Romeu’s former Girona team-mate Arnau Martinez is a player linked with Barcelona as a potential replacement at right-back. and the midfielder praised the former farmhouse Apprentice says:

“Arnau Martinez has great potential. I kept telling him to keep working because his time would come. He is a great player and I have a great friendship with him.

“Arnao Martinez has a lot of talent. I always told him to keep working hard because he would go far. But time will tell. He is the player I would like to see here.”

What number does he want to wear now when he returns to Barcelona? Romeu said: “When I arrived at Barca They asked me which number I wanted to wear. At Girona I wore the number 18 and it brought back great memories. My idea is to put in the same number again.”

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