Australia v France: 2023 Women’s World Cup quarter-finals go into extra time – live updates


102 minutes: France continued to push and went to the dividing line on the left. But the deep cross was too hot for Diani to handle. Australia was on the ropes here.

No goals allowed!

100 minutes: Corner kick from the right by Alanna Kennedy goes into the net! But the whistle sounded almost immediately as Renard pulled Forord as the body rose to compete for the header. Carvajal was an excellent referee, with VAR not called for interference.

99 minutes: France linked up a neat pass in midfield. But the last ball passed to Diani was overshot. And Hunt saw the ball out to set up a goal kick.

After Gustafson was reluctant to sit on the bench against Nigeria He asked for another scrutiny without his team tonight, as France’s impactful substitute Becho won a corner.

98 minutes: Australia haven’t done much with the ball since the final whistle. There is a noticeable lack of pizza, although Gorry has infinite power reserves.

96 minutes: A few emails were sent saying that Australia was in too much condition tonight. And Gorry’s reservation arrives too late. I confess I’ve never seen that. But maybe I have a different condition? happy to hear your thoughts

95 minutes: This time France’s header took the lead, but De Almeida couldn’t find the target with a header close to the penalty spot.

94 minutes: Another French player landed on the left flank, Bacha, this time after crossing her distracted club-mate Carpenter. Another deep free kick was handled by Australia’s central defender. But the second ball was deflected for a corner kick.

93 minutes: Bacha’s pass was dealt with in the air by Australia, then Fowler inserted it between the ball and the onward French forward to win the free-kick.

92 minutes: France combines well in midfield with Karchaoui, Le Sommer and Daly. Gorry had enough and received players and the ball on the left flank – too many players according to the referee. and she was shown a yellow card

Tor Turner: “What a match! For me, the Australian salvage contained Dali, who was one of the best players in the WSL with eight assists last season. She was relentlessly closed and that was important.”

Dali kept the ball in play.
Dali kept the ball in play. Photo: James Whitehead/SPP/Shutterstock

91 minutes: The first extra time is in progress, can we (myself) avoid the agonizing punishment?

I’ll leave it here:

Both teams gave their best to win. France dominated in the first half. Australia did better in the second half, with Mary Fowler failing to profit from the clearest chances of all three games.

Sam Kerr is now in the Matildas team. And her presence unsettled France’s defensive line. Tony Gustafson needed more substitutions to keep his team moving for the next half hour.

Full Time: Australia 0-0 France

extra time we go

90+3 minutes: France darts through Dalí, riding a challenge through the middle of the garden as the body rushes in. The cross hooks from the right but doesn’t reach Diani’s. who made a foul and then tried to take back possession of the ball

90+2 minutes: Becho was brilliant on the right to roll Catley and find time and space on the right side of the box – but she couldn’t find the blue shirt in the box and Australia cleared it. It then rushed out to intercept Dali’s second attempt before winning an offside call.

90 minutes: Four additional minutes of playtime are added. The ending of the first episode is very minimal. It also shows how fluid the match is. Can both sides find a winner?

89 minutes: Bacha now buckles in his seatbelt after Gorry let Australia’s possession of the ball outside the box. Fatigue and poor execution began to creep into the closing 90 minutes of the game.

88 minutes: Fowler found Kerr with his back to goal twice, but both times the captain’s first touch was a sloppy, begging chance. Australia are good at collecting the ball, especially through the Cooney-cross. Until Carpenter hits the ball with a furious and willful way several miles away from the goal. bad decision

87 minutes: Cooney-Cross swung into Peyraud-Magnin’s punch – but as much as Fowler – but her snapshot was blocked from the boot.

86 minutes: Catley opened long and hopeful on the left. Fowler chased halfway through, but was enough to make Lacrae worry about losing a light corner.

84 minutes: Matildas takes a long pass from the goalkeeper. Kerr won the flick. But Karchaoui was ahead of Fuud, who went down in agony as the Arsenal striker determined to win the ball. Rare breaks in the heat of competition. An opportunity for both coaches to convey some commands.

Karchaoui received medical care after the crash.
Karchaoui received medical care after the crash. Photo: Franck Fife/AFP/Getty Images

83 minutes: Bacha then led the counter through the middle, looking for de Almeida on the right. The first ball lost face but after Geyoro lost the ball first she could find de Almeida but the cross was easy again for Arnold.

82 minutes: Kennedy joined the attack to flick a long throw Carpenter. But France was quick and able to hack.

80 minutes: Dali conceded a foul by stabbing through Gorry’s back, but she soon made amends by securing rotation in midfield and releasing Becho on the left.

78 minutes: Basha heads another cross but is clear. Kennedy dealt with the second ball. But Carpenter was caught in possession of the ball coming out of the defensive line. Not once but twice! Matildas survives, releasing Kerr, who dropped Karchaoui shoulder-to-shoulder on the spin. Heading for goal, Raso saved life on the left and Foodd soon fell in the box under pressure from Renard, but had no serious thoughts about the penalty.

77 minutes: Emotions began to fluctuate on the side and on the pitch as the match continued. It was a game in which France began to gain a foothold after resisting Australia’s surge after halftime and Sam Kerr’s lead.

76 minutes: Bacha receives set-pieces and although Lakra jumps like an athlete But it resulted in Arnold kicking the goal.

75 minutes: France cleared a long ball from a set-piece and Le Sommer put Gorry’s boots on his nose at the halfway point. It was burgundy. France prevailed and took a corner from the right.

Le Sommer was hospitalized.
Le Sommer was hospitalized. Photo: Franck Fife/AFP/Getty Images

74 minutes: A good press from France to put the pressure on for a half-way change, but Australia soon got the ball back, found Fowler, and she opened the game by switching to Furd on the left. Too much to pass and the byline wins.

72 minutes: France is back again This time Diani passed the ball overhead but her pullback was blocked by the boot. she wants a penalty but can’t do anything Even if the ball cuts Hunt’s hand from point blank range.

71 minutes: Becho has done well since launch. And she created a problem on the right side. Le Sommer’s well-done cross hit the near post to save life, before Kennedy extended a long branch to clear.

70 minutes: Still fast and furious in Brisbane. in which Australia set up a high defense from the field And invite France to come to them and win the ball in a one-on-one duel. It was a high-risk, high-reward move from Gustavsson, but it was a big improvement from the first half.

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