At Home With the Furys Has a Breakout Star and It’s Not Tyson – Review

It’s a sunny afternoon. Heavyweight champion Tyson Fury is working around the house while his flawlessly dressed wife, Paris, barbecues dinner for their six kids. OK, she’s grilling dog-sized steaks. Small outside their £1.7million Morecambe mansion – but it’s a normal setting.

The couple invited Netflix into their family life. At home with The FurysThe new documentary series is supposed to do exactly what it says on the tin. But there was only one problem: the newly retired boxer wasn’t happy. or as he said “I was willing to get punched by 10 world champions in my face. Better than staying at home for a week and doing all this work.” Oh dear, Netflix doesn’t seem to realize that having a lead actor bored isn’t the best starting point for a series about family life. and also like At home with The Furys I unexpectedly found myself sympathetic to Fury—but the show still has a long way to go before it reaches the dramatic peak of its predecessor, reality TV.

The series follows a tried and tested formula: bring in one set of famous parents and their children. the more the better And add one camera crew, shoot “typical days” and wait for the chaos to come. Think. Follow the Kardashianswhich sees a family vacation go into chaos when Kim loses a diamond earring. As the unmerciful Courtney yells, “People are dying,” or perhaps more accurately, the Kardashians’ ancestors. OsborneRocker Ozzy’s wife, Sharon Osbourne, pioneered the format in 2002 when MTV filmed her family. (At that time, teenagers Kelly and Jack joined, and their sister Aimée opted out.) As they move into their iconic new Beverly Hills home. Osborne The scene saw Sharon frying a ham over a fence during a loud line (ironically, the neighbors made the noise) in the season one finale. There are more than 7 million viewers watching. They were fascinated by the surreal everyday life of this family.

Watching Ozzy fight with the remote control was hilarious. Because back in 2002, we hadn’t seen anything like it. Plus, the lack of social media meant we were years away from the celebs who shared too much online. but in the postbelow deck and Jordy Shore world. Normality doesn’t cut it.

Fury is our modern-day Ozzy. A man whose career could never be further than his stay-at-home dad. Now thrown into family life. His existence is one of fierce juxtaposition. Fury likes to take the kids camping near his house when he is traveling on a low-cost airline, he is mobbed by fans within seconds of getting off the plane. But Netflix’s focus is on the cliches between sunset saleMorecambe style shots boxer picking up dog excrement Exercise with Father John which looks like someone typed “Making Angry Tyson Older” in an AI Machine and Unwrapping Socks for His Birthday

Fury has a net worth of £51 million but mostly transports his family in a Volkswagen Estate or a Ford minivan. He has a private jet but flies an easyJet. Paris teaches her reluctant Venezuelan daughter to make “chicken dishes”. I can’t lie I’m intrigued)

Bubble below every scene is Fury’s mental health issues. He was diagnosed with bipolar six years ago and has battled depression, anxiety, alcohol addiction and cocaine use. Suicidal thoughts during retirement first came in 2015, and the show chronicled the underlying fear that this might happen again. The delay between filming and air date means we know what’s going on with his career, which makes the “will he retire?” debate pointless.

visiting Tyson’s brother Tommy and his fiancé, Molly-Mae Heg, whom they met on love islandincluding skippable pregnancy discussions (“It felt like I ingested an animal,” Molly offers) and a reminder of why Maura Higgins and Amy, the legendary Irish bombshell. “I’m here to say I love you.” Hart is the real star of love island In 2019, Tommy’s best moment came when he said he wanted to move to horror movies after boxing. No, he wasn’t kidding.

Tyson Fury and his kids at home with The Furys.


Fury’s kids flashed in a confession in front of the camera, with eldest son Prince mercilessly saying that fans who wanted to take pictures with Tyson were “wasting my dad’s time” and 3-year-old Adonis declaring, “I love my dad. He’s bald.” They got nothing on the young Osbourne and the older Kardashian-Jenner. Where real-world issues resulted in ratings winning.

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anger‘ The rising star is without a doubt. Soon to be a mother of 7 children in Paris. She keeps the family together. She dealt with Tyson’s emotions. His sense of humor and taking care of the kids at the same time. At the same time developing her own public profile. (her first book Love and Fury: The Magic and Chaos of Life with Tysonreleased in 2021.) Although Adonis is hiding (repeatedly) and Tyson is an “idiot,” Paris has only gotten to the end of her bond a few times. At one point ironically about pouring trifles over her husband’s head. which will definitely make life better

Fury is used to being the main character in the arena. But reality shows are just as good. With the sum of its parts, weirdness alone isn’t enough. Furys has an interesting backstory as John and Paris are the only two to choose from. Let us learn more about them in the second season and let the Gypsy King train.

‘At Home With The Furys’ begins streaming on Netflix on Wednesday, August 16.

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