Anthony Joshua’s four best picks for his next bout.

Last weekend, former world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua defeated Robert Helinius in the sixth round. Joshua lost most of the fight, leaving fans wondering. How that killer instinct came from Klitschko’s fight years ago. But the fight ended in a glorious knockout and Joshua is now looking forward to the future. Today we will look at three possible fights for Anthony Joshua.

Anthony Joshua (Red Shorts) defeated Robert Helenius (Blue White Shorts) during a match.  International Heavyweight at O2 London, England on August 12, 2023 Copyright: xAlanxStanfordx PMI-5697-0012
Imago | Top Media Photo by Alan Stanford

Remember, this is boxing we’re talking about. And it’s highly probable that Joshua will be fighting the No. 37 man (in this case, Canada’s Simon Kean) instead of a really good fight. that will make you explode

Deontay Wilder: The Man Who Runs Away

The long-rumored rivalry between Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder is in full swing. The fight took place when the two were in possession of all the heavyweight titles. All names have now changed hands to Oleksandr Usyk and Tyson Fury and Wilder and Joshua are contenders in this division.

The fight was rumored to take place in January in Saudi Arabia. And Saudi Arabia is throwing money in the fist. The estimated amount to be paid is $110,000,000. The split for the fight has not been determined.

Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn said this was a fight they were working on, but Joshua said he wanted to fight twice years before. But it doesn’t appear to be the case if Wilder’s next fight takes place in January. Of course, there’s still time to tweak the battle between now and after.

Don’t count Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury.

This was an all UK match and it was the only belt fight at Anthony. Joshua can’t be crowned the WBC heavyweight champion, of course that belongs to Tyson Fury. Fury was booked by former UFC champion Francis N’Gannou in October. But that fight shouldn’t pose much of a threat to Fury. Joshua can easily book a card after N’Gannou’s punch, but before the fight happens.

This would do a lot and earn Joshua a huge paycheck. but risk factors Which is important about the boxer and who they fight next. Fury is very tall. just like wilder The paycheck had to be in the range of Saudi money like the one Wilder threw at him.

Of course, this fight in the UK could pay off, Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua would guarantee a sell-out. Placed at Wembley, the largest stadium in the UK, 90,000 fans will gather in the stadium to watch this fight.

don’t count this one Anger is known to be difficult to deal with, and Anthony Joshua probably doesn’t want to risk it.

Most Likely Choice: Winner Zhilei Zhang-Joe Joyce

This option is the most likely of the three. Because it required minimal work, Joe Joyce upset China’s Zhilei Zhang last April. Zhilei defeated the undefeated Joyce in round 6, surprising the boxing world with this feat. Joyce had a competitive clause in his contract and has been active ever since. The race is scheduled for September 23.

Simply put, the winner goes to Joshua’s table. He might have a big homecoming in the UK. Similar but not to the extent of Fury’s fight if Joyce wins. Joyce is also a big hitter similar to Deontay Wilder. His record is 15-1 with 14 knockouts. from both worlds He’s going to face some UK titles in the UK and someone who’s hit hard.

Zhilei Zhang is the other side of the equation and shouldn’t be counted out. He beats Joyce and goes on a date with Anthony. Joshua might be in the cards. Joshua could expand his market into China if he wanted to. But it will likely be fought in New York or the UK. Zhilei is a boxer over 40 and has a 25-1-1 record with the WBO Interim World Heavyweight title.

The WBO title is held by Oleksandr Usyk, and that might hamper a fight with Joshua and winner Zhilei-Joyce, but the fight will bring quite a few numbers.

Of course, there are other options that could come up as well. Expect names like Andy Ruiz, Luis Ortiz, Filip Hrgovic and Otto Wallin to be thrown out. With the way that politics and the business of boxing are influential. One of these names may emerge from left field and surprise us all.

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