All About Tyson Fury’s 6 Kids (and Baby on the Way!)

Tyson Fury and Paris Fury are the proud parents of six children. and are expecting their seventh child

The couple met as teenagers and married in 2008 in Doncaster, England. They started their growing family in 2009 when they welcomed their first child. daughter named Venezuela They also had five children: son Prince John James, Prince Tyson II and Prince Adonis Amaziah, and daughters Valencia and Athena.

In his 2020 documentary Tyson Fury: Gypsy KingThe professional boxer explained that he and Paris chose to name their son Prince and all their daughters by country and city. just like their mother

“One night while I was sleeping I miss Venezuela My wife’s name is Paris. My name is Tyson and [gesturing to his son] He is called Prince John James. If the girl has a common name Won’t it go in? I wanted to call Patrick but my wife didn’t want to,” Tyson said. The Guardian in 2011 in naming his children

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In 2022, Tyson announced plans to retire from boxing for his family. By saying after the match that “I promise Paris. My lovely wife 14 years after the end of the race. [Deyonte] Wilder III’s battle would be that. And I mean it.”

since then His life after boxing and his extended family has become a new Netflix reality series. At home with Furyswhich premiered on August 16, 2023, and also stars his brother Tommy Fury and Tommy’s fiancé Molly-Mae Hague.

Tyson is about to take another step into the family. That’s being a father of seven children. In March 2023, Tyson and Paris announced that they were starting a family again. He wrote in his Instagram story, “What a girl 👩 Day 7 👶 I have arrived 🙏. Good news, cheers! 😊”

And although he boxed many items. But his family remains the one he is most proud of. “My greatest achievement has always been my family,” he said in the trailer for the new Netflix reality series.

from the eldest daughter to the upcoming baby Here’s everything you need to know about Tyson Fury’s kids.

Venezuela 13

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Tyson and Paris’s first child, Venezuela, was born on September 27, 2009.

According to Venezuela She gets along “fairly well” with her famous father, although he is “very strict”.

“He just doesn’t like me looking good in my makeup,” she explained, before revealing that Tyson was once mad at her for wearing a tight purple minidress. “Strict parents raise sneaky children,” she adds.

Venezuela and her mother, Paris, also have a close relationship. or what Paris describes as “The relationship between a typical teenage mother and daughter” in one episode of At home with FurysParis said of her eldest daughter: “She’s twelve, turning 20. We got along like a house on fire. But after that, she hated me, hated her life, and hated her dress. I think that is Just the teen drama you get with kids.”

Prince John James 11

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Prince John James, Tyson and Paris’s second child and first son, was born in 2011, although Prince was the eldest of Tyson’s three sons. But he goes by the same name as his two younger brothers. As Tyson explained in a 2020 documentary, “I’m a king and they’re a prince until they get their names right.”

The professional boxer has already begun training his three sons in a boxing gym. “It is very important for boys to learn how to unpack. Because it wasn’t easy growing up to be Tyson Fury’s son,” he said in his Netflix series.

However, according to his father, Prince had no interest in the sport at all.

“Boxing is very dangerous. I mean, who can’t say that when you get punched in the face?” Prince admitted in Episode 4 of At home with Furys.

“I think I can do something else. I have time to learn I haven’t even gone to high school yet. I have a lot of time,” he tells the camera.

Prince Tyson II, 7

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Prince Tyson II, named after his father was the third child of Tyson and Paris. Born in July 2016

As a child, he was interested in dinosaurs and held a dinosaur-themed 4th birthday party in 2020. He was also nicknamed “Tutty.”

At the age of 6, little Tyson was fascinated by Pokemon. and hold other themed birthday parties based on video game series.

“Pokémon is his favorite right now. Maybe this will change again soon, but as parents We all try to do our best for our children,” Paris wrote, along with several photos from the event. This includes the Pikachu cake.

Valencia 5

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Valencia, the couple’s fourth child and second daughter, was born on Dec. 4, 2017. Tyson announced her birth via TwitterIt wrote, “My little angel was born this morning, Valencia Amber, thank God & @parisfury1 for the blessing.”

In December 2021, her parents Yonok frozen– themed birthday parties The day ends with snowflake balloons. Elsa and Ana Cardboard and a big pink cake

Prince Adonis Amaziah 4

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Tyson and Paris’s youngest son, Prince Adonis Amaziah, was born in 2019.

Of Tyson’s three sons, Adonis seems to be the most eager to follow in their father’s footsteps.

In the video Tyson posted X (Formerly Twitter) In 2022, he asked Adonis what he wanted to be when he grew up, to which Adonis replied, “Boxer.”

“Which boxer would you be like?” his father asked. The boy replied, “Deontay Wilder,” his father’s former rival. “No way! He’s a big dealer,” Tyson joked.

And at the age of 4, Adonis joined the boxing ring with his father and brother.

Athena, 2

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Tyson and Paris welcomed their third daughter Athena in August 2021.

“Paris is pregnant again. God bless us for sure, another baby and I am so grateful, you know,” Tyson told reporter Gareth A. Davies after announcing his sixth pregnancy. “I have a beautiful wife, lovely children, and we are all healthy. That’s the most important thing. the health of you and your family Nothing else matters.”

Shortly after Athena was born She was taken to a neonatal intensive care unit and on a ventilator. Tyson and Paris later gave an update on their newborn, saying Athena was in a “steady position” and “doing well”.

Athena celebrated her 2nd birthday on August 2, 2023, with her parents hosting a lavish celebration for her. The toddler’s party features a balloon arch with Cocomelon cake.

Tyson Fury’s baby on the way

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On March 23, 2023, the couple announced they were pregnant with their seventh child. Tyson shared a photo of him and his wife on his Instagram Story to announce the news.

“I’m going on a date with my beautiful pregnant wife @ParisFury1 God is great,” he captioned the photo. “What a woman 👩. 😊”

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