Actor Jason Momoa among those telling tourists not to visit Maui

Jason Momoa has two words for travelers thinking of heading to Maui after a week of devastating wildfires that have killed at least 93 people.

“Stay away,” the Hawaiian actor and Aquaman wrote on Instagram. “Maui is not a place to vacation right now.

“Our community needs time to heal, grieve and recover,” he wrote. “This means that the fewer tourists on the island who are using this vital limited resource, the better.”

Momoa reposted a photo from the ‘Āina Momona’ organization describing the destruction that has damaged or destroyed at least 2,200 buildings in West Maui, almost all of them residential. Islandwide, damages are estimated at nearly $6 billion. “On Tuesday, August 8, 2023, a bad combination of drought and hurricane conditions caused widespread wildfires across the island of Maui,” the organization said.

“Lahaina City is gone,” the post continued. “Many families were forced to evacuate in a short period of time. Many escaped with only clothes on their backs.”

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Momoa’s comments came as Maui residents said they were shocked to see tourists swimming at the beach. While the villagers continued to count the bodies The search for survivors has only just begun.

“The same water in which our people died 3 days ago is the same water the next day these visitors. which is tourists It’s swimming,” one resident told the BBC.

Momoa is not alone in making such claims. Fellow actor Dwayne Johnson is of Samoan descent and his mother was born in Hawaii. Use the video he posted on Instagram to express the same sentiment.

According to an Associated Press story, about 46,000 residents and visitors have left Kahului Airport in West Maui since Wednesday. According to the Hawaii Tourism Bureau,

Governor Josh Green said 500 hotel rooms would be available to displaced locals, the AP reported. Another 500 hotel rooms would be set aside for staff from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Some hotels will continue to operate as usual to help retain jobs and sustain the local economy, Green said.

The state wants to work with Airbnb to ensure that locals can provide homes for rent. Green said he hopes the company will be able to provide three to nine months of rent for those who have lost their homes.

As the death toll across Lahaina climbed past 90, authorities warned that efforts to locate and identify the dead were in the early stages. The blazes are among the deadliest wildfires in the United States. the most in more than a century. Crews with dog remains covered just 3% of the search area, Maui Police Chief John Pelletier said Saturday.

Momoa wrote, “Do not convince yourself that it is necessary to appear on the island in great suffering, Mahalo to all who donate and show aloha to the community during this time of need.”


Red Cross: The Red Cross will use the donations to help people replace lost prescriptions, reading glasses, etc. Text REDCROSS to 90999. To donate $10, click here.

Maui Food Bank: The website states that for every $1 donated, The organization can provide 4 meals to those in need. Currently accepting donations of food and toiletries themselves. But said the fastest way to get help to those who need it most is to donate online. Click here.

Drunken Fund: Hawai’i Community Foundation Launches Fund which raised over $1 million for fire relief efforts. Donations will support local non-profits that provide food, shelter and financial assistance to those affected by the bushfires. Click here.

Maui Humane Society: The organization is looking for pet food donations and people who can adopt dogs to make room for the influx of animals that need special care due to smoke inhalation and burning. Click here.

GoFundMe: The keyword here is alert for scam. To address these concerns, GoFundMe, a money-raising site, We are reviewing fundraising efforts from individuals affected by the Maui wildfires. You can browse fundraising efforts at this link.

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Maui’s death toll stood at 93, with further increases expected.

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